Friday, September 12, 2014

Tech Round-Up: 3 Apps to Keep You Updated Long After NYFW

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, fashionistas everywhere are left with feelings of post-Fashion Week depression. But never fear! These helpful apps can feed your fashion addiction until next year.
Not everyone has the opportunity to sit front row as top models strut down the catwalk or snap coveted photos at your favorite designer’s show, but everyone can stay updated on their beloved collections all year round!'s app for iPhone, iPad and Nook Color allows you to browse every look from New York, London, Milan and Paris without leaving your hometown. Use this app to stream videos of fashion shows complete with interviews from you favorite designers or check out snapshots from the hottest parties and stay up to date on the blog. is perfect for catching up on news and photos from NYFW and beyond on the go, so even the busiest fashion-lovers can stay in the know!

With a tiny dorm closet and an even tinier budget, high-fashion runway looks are out of my reach and unrealistic. It's impractical to wear haute couture heels to class, and all too often I trade designer bags for backpacks. However, ASAP54 can help make my walk to Journalism 1111 into my own personal runway! When you see a look you love, simply upload a pic to ASAP54 and let the app do the rest. Choose your price range and the article of clothing you're looking for and ASAP54 will find you affordable options with similar materials, patterns and colors. Get creative! See an awesome pair of flats but wish it came with a heel? Inspired by the colors of a late-summer sunset? Have a favorite piece of artwork? Upload pictures of anything and find the next piece for your dream wardrobe!
Instagram is a great tool for fashion inspiration, but you can't always rely on your favorite Insta-fashionistas to spill the details of their latest “ootd.” isn't an app, but rather a program that works with your Instagram. Connect your Instagram to and every time you like an authorized Instagram photo, you'll receive an email with product details. Even Vogue magazine is using, so you can finally get the looks of your favorite magazines, fashion bloggers and Instagrammers!

While I use my new favorite apps, I'll be keeping up with our very own Fashion Week here in Philadelphia! Posts coming soon, but for now check out and!

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