Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Inspiration

Yesterday while I was writing my recap of BCBGMAXAZRIA's runway show, I found myself scrolling through BCBG's Instagram (which I totally recommend following - such a beautiful feed). Among the glamorous shots of models and gowns that I thought only existed in my dreams, I found these words of inspiration from the BCBG team itself. The advice is meant for runway models, but it struck me.

"The most beautiful girl in the world." 

What does it mean that even high-fashion models need to be reminded that they're beautiful? Of course, as a young women I've had my own struggles: overcoming self-esteem issues, finding beauty in myself, staying confident. Since I moved to Philadelphia, I feel like a new person. I know I am confident and strong. I finally feel beautiful. But if even models need to be reminded, who is safe from the crippling pressure to be beautiful, thin, the "ideal woman"?

I often worry about my baby sisters and how they'll view themselves as they grow up. As first-graders, they haven't a care in the world. Their minds couldn't be farther from their weight or the way they look. But how much time do they have left before they start poking their tummies in the mirror and paying attention to the scale? I only hope that they always remember they're confident, strong, effortlessly cool, the most beautiful girls in the world.

As you go about your Friday, take Max and Lubov Azria's message to heart. Strut into the weekend and don't stop at the turn - keep going. Confident. Strong. Effortlessly cool. The most beautiful girl in the world. We love you!

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