Thursday, September 11, 2014

Restaurant Week Fun!

Before I went away to school, I went out to dinner with my mom and brother once a week. It was our way of catching up, talking about our weeks and staying connected no matter how busy we were. I knew our dinner dates would be something I missed most about home - it's hard to get together so often even though I only live right across the bridge. I've been missing my family a lot lately, so we decided to get together this week for a little bit of Hump Day Restaurant Week fun!

I have an ever-growing list of restaurants to try, so I took advantage of the opportunity to try something new. I'd been craving Mexican since Emily of Her Philly posted about Lolita, so it seemed to be the perfect choice! Tucked away on 13th Street, Lolita definitely didn't disappoint (except maybe my little brother, whose idea of quality Mexican food just recently upgraded from Taco Bell to Moe's).

Lolita is a "modern Mexican" restaurant with a cozy-but-chic atmosphere.

We started with traditional guacamole (my favorite!) for the table, and I ordered chipotle shrimp enchiladas, both of which I'm still thinking about. As a college student, it's not often I get to eat anything other than pizza and EasyMac!

We tried to skip dessert but couldn't resist heading across the street to grab gelato at Capogiro before taking a walk through Midtown Village to end the night.

Philadelphia dwellers - what restaurants should definitely be on my list?

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