Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall Lipsticks on Lock

If, as Michael Kors said, accessories are the exclamation point of a woman's outfit, lipstick must be the exclamation point of her beauty routine. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't always a fan of lipstick as an everyday staple. I thought lipstick was only meant for women much more sophisticated than little old me, so for most of high school I stole my mother's quality lipsticks and crayons only for special occasions. However, this past spring and summer I fell in love with the look of bright pink or red lips and started sneaking into my mom's makeup bag a little more often.

Now that I'm away at school and stealing from my mother's collection is no longer an option, I decided to invest in a couple "big girl" lipsticks to get me through the fall and winter. I needed an everyday nude color and a deeper, autumnal red, and I think I hit the marks perfectly.

Golshan (9206) Satin Lip Pencil from NARS is a classic red with a satin finish that won't bleed - perfect for crisp autumn nights out and upcoming holiday parties. YSL's Number 3, Ultimate Beige, is a warm nude perfect for everyday use. It's so easy to apply and keeps my lips moisturized all day. I can't wait to use it all season, from class to fun fall weekend activities!

Do you have any lipstick recommendations? I'd still like to pick up a nice plum color before the season really starts!


  1. As for plum shades I just bought Nyx soft matte lip cream in "Copenhagen" with their deep purple lip liner to match. I'm a pale redhead with very ruddy skin and even using a green primer I can't pull off pure reds. But Copenhagen looks great on me and it seems like it'd be flattering on most skin tones. I just wore it with a thick winged eyeliner, lorac pro "espresso" eyebrows and a reddish shadow blended up from my crease.

    1. Thank you so much! I've never used any NYX products, but I'll definitely be on the lookout for Copenhagen!


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