Friday, December 18, 2015

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2015: for the homebody

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2015: for the homebody

So thanks to my last Holiday Gift Guide, I'm sure you've found the perfect gifts for all the lovely hostesses in your life. But what about the people you love, but can never seem to drag out of the house? Everyone knows a homebody: they love curling up with a good book or relaxing in a bubble bath. They invented "Netflix and chill." But what do you get for the girl who would rather stay in bed under a blanket than go out in heels? Pick any of these cozy gifts, perfect for the homebody in your life! 

Gifts for the homebody:
  1. Kate Spade June Lane Lidded Tea Pot ($270) - Perfect for pouring a cup of your favorite tea on a snowy day (if they ever come!).
  2. UGG Australia Oversize Knit Pillow ($145) - This cozy throw pillow is perfect for snuggling up on the couch.
  3. Crate&Barrel Birthday Cake Scented Candle ($19.95) - For when you want your home to smell delicious without actually baking.
  4. Antique Map Printed Italian Leather Journal ($34.95) - When your favorite homebody finally puts down that book she's reading, she can use this to write down all of her own stories.
  5. CeeCee & Bee Tub Truffle Bath Soak Assortment ($22) - Hand-crafted bath bombs made with moisturizing cocoa butter and kaolin clay. So cute you'll want to eat them up (but I recommend using them in your bath instead)!
  6. One Kings Lane Cashmere Socks ($55) - Like your favorite sweater, but for your feet. Need I say more?
  7. Modcloth Coffee Wings Mug ($14.99) - The perfect mug for daydreaming about springtime.
  8. fresh Rose Face Mask ($62) - My personal favorite hydrating face mask, infused with real rose petals.
  9. fresh Cocoa Exfoliating Body Soap ($16.50) - Cocoa bath soap? This one doesn't need explaining.
  10. Make + Model "Cabin Friends" Eye Mask ($19) - This adorable eye mask is sure to attract soft, silly dreams (and keep you in the dark even when your neighbor's Christmas lights are shining through your window!).
Check out my previous gift guide for your favorite hostess here and look out for more to come!

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